The Munzur and Kesis mountains are located in the middle of the Anatolian highlands, the highest peaks rise up to 3.500m. This area is an insider tip of the best ski tourers in Turkey. The starting point is the 1,600 m high city Erzincan located on the historic Silk Road. Continue to these mountains in the Kackargebirge in the Turkish Caucasus. The mountains offer tours for every taste - steep valleys or wide snowy areas for enjoyable descents.


For these tours, good body condition and good skiing skills are required. The ascents and descents are long. On average, 1,400 - 1,600 heights are to be handled, so the slopes are accordingly long. The maximum steepness of the slopes is around 30 °. The selected mountains are ideal skiing places - for enthusiastic ski mountaineers great, exotic destinations that require no special ski skills apart from the necessary physical condition.



1st day: Flight via Istanbul to Erzincan
Arrival in Erzincan, 20 min. Transfer to the city center to Hotel Eriza. Overnight stay.

2nd day: Skitour to the mountain Bakirli (3,050 m)
45 min drive to Tatlisu village. From here it goes through a canyon, then across broad slopes to the peak of Bakirli Dagi. The climb starts at 1,400 m. The descent is via the same route. The downhill is about 8 km.

3rd day: Skitour to the mountain Kalecik (3,070 m)
1-hour drive to Kalecik village. At the end of the village, the ascent first leads through a narrow valley. Then the valley opens and the climb leads first flat, then steeper up to one of the numerous peaks of the mountain at 3,070 m altitude. The descent is via the same route.

4th day: Skitour to Mount Kazankaya (2,700 m) and on to Mt. Ergan (3,230 m)
The drive to the village takes 1 hour. First, Mount Kazankaya is climbed (2,700 m). Depending on the weather conditions, there is the possibility to traverse on Mount Ergan (3,230 m). Then the descent from Berg Ergan to the ski center of Erzincan. Length of the descent about 8 km.

5th day: Relocation, drive over Erzurum to Yaylalar
With the transfer bus, 180 km along the former Silk Road drive to Erzurum, the largest city in eastern Turkey which is located at 1,900 m and thus also as the highest located city of Turkey. In the city, we visit an old medresse, the great mosque from the Ottoman period (17th century). After lunch, we drive for 4 hours through the mountain landscape along the Coruh valley to the village of Yaylalar (location 1,930 m) to the Camyuva guesthouse.

6th day: Skitour to Yüncüler pass (3,140 m)
The ski tours are usually, depending on the snow conditions, directly from the guesthouse. The first ski tour starts near the village of Olgunlar (last settlement before the mountains lies at 2,100 m) and climbs through a valley to the long Güngörmez - mountain range. Arrived on the Yüncüler pass, we climb one of the numerous summits which offer a great panorama to the mountains around. The highest point of the ascent is 3,140 m. The descent is via the same route, usually even to the village of Yaylalar. The length of the descent is more than 7 km.

7th day: Lanetleme pass (3,225 m)
Again it starts from the village Olgunlar. Along a slope, it goes up to the Döbe Alm, then up to the Lanetleme pass at 3,225 m. Downhill is via the same valley down to the small settlement Olgunlar. The length of the descent is about 8 km, if the conditions are right, nearly 10 km.

8th day: Güngörmez Mountains (2,995 m)
Directly from the pension, above the village, the ascent begins through a pine forest on a ridge, then along a valley slope on one of the numerous peaks of the Güngörmez - chain at 2,995 m. The descent is via another route, through a partially narrow valley down to the village of Yaylalar. The length of the descent is about 5 km.

9th day: Güngörmez mountains (3,000 m)
The last ski tour starts at the pension. Right at the edge of the village, we enter the forest where the steep ascent begins. After the forest, we climb one of the numerous peaks of the Güngörmez chain (which are part of the Kackar mountains). The ascent ends on (depending on conditions also higher) exactly 3.000 m. The descent is partly through a tight channel, partly through the forest down to the Coruh valley, below the village Yaylalar we traverse along the forest. The length of the descent is about 5 km.

10th day: Flight home
4 hours drive to Erzurum airport, home flight.


You will stay in a mid class hotel in the town centre in Erzincan, Eriza Hotel based on bed and breakfast. In Yaylalar we stay in a simple but cozy pension with a warm atmosphere based on half board, from which you can step on our skis almost in your bedroom.



3 peaks around Erzincan in the Munzur mountains, 4 ski tours from the village of Yaylalar near Yusufeli in the province of Artvin, most of them are made directly from the pension, with little or no driving. The steepness of the mountains is 25 ° - 35 °.



Up to 8 people single ski guide with German or English language skills, from the 9th person will be another ski guide. 



Currently, no restrictions and no specific permit required (as of 2018).



You bring your own equipment.



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1 week before the travel date


  • On request flights from all major European airports to Erzincan and Erzurum and back from Erzurum

  • All necessary land transports

  • German - or English - speaking ski guide of our company

  • 7 nights accommodation in the Camyuva pension in Yaylalar village with half board


Important notice: Programme could be changed due to weather conditions!


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