Ski tours in Aladaglar - range in Central Anatolia. The tour starts with 4 ski tours in the valleys of Aladaglar - mountains and summits more than 3,700 m and spending the night in a family atmosphere in the village Cukurbag in a small guesthouse at the foot of  3.000er mountains. After the ski tours, we move to the culturally rich Unesco World Heritage Site Cappadocia. We use 2 rest days for sightseeing of Cappadocia with numerous cave churches. We stay in a traditional cave hotel. In the end, we will climb the volcanoes Mt. Hasan (3,250 m) and Mt. Erciyes (3,936 m).


For these tours, good body condition and good skiing skills are required. The ascents and descents are long. On average, 1,400 - 1,600 heights are to be handled, so the slopes are accordingly long. The maximum steepness of the slopes is around 30 °. The selected mountains are ideal skiing places - for enthusiastic ski mountaineers great, exotic destinations that require no special ski skills apart from the necessary physical condition.


1st day: Arrival in Adana
Arrival in Adana, 2 hours transfer to Guest House in Cukurbag village.

2nd day: Skitour Emler (3,723 m)
A short drive (30 min.) To the entrance of the Karayalak Valley. The starting point of the ski tour is 2,000 m or a bit over, depending on the snow conditions. Through the Karayalak valley, it goes through the mountains Emler and Kizilkaya, around the Emler, then finally the ascent of Emler. The ascent takes about 5 hours (1,700 m ascent). The descent takes you through the same valley down to the car (we take off-road vehicles here because the gravel roads are not maintained around the seasons). Overnight at Guest House in Cukurbag.

3rd day: Skitour Körtekli (3.249 m)
About 20 min., depending on snow conditions, we drive into the Emli valley. The ascent is first through a juniper forest, then through the valley up to the direction of Alaca mountain, starting point about 2,000 m, just before the mountain Alaca begins a steep climb to the Körtekli - mountain. The descent is through the same valley down to the car. The overnight stay takes place again in the Guest House.

4th day: Skitour Avci Beli (3.165 m)
It goes back into the same valley, into the Emli. This time it continues into the valley as on the day before, the climb goes up to the pass (Avci Beli). The descent is then through the same valley. Overnight at the Guest House.

5th day: Ski Tour Maden Bogazi (3.000 m)
It goes again in the direction of Emler, in the parallel valley, the other side of the mountain Emler (45 min drive). The starting point is like the other ski tours from about 2,000 m. Depending on the conditions, the ascent will take you up on one of the peaks through the Maden Valley (left or right), possibly up to 3,250 m. Departure through the same valley, return journey to Cukurbag to the guest house, overnight stay in the guest house.

6th day: drive to Goreme, culture Cappadocia
1, 5 hours drive to Ihlara or Güzelyurt. After lunch in the village we visit the gigantic underground city of Derinkuyu and then we take a short walk in the Ihlara Valley, where numerous cave churches from the early Middle Ages are located (can be reversed). Then continue to Göreme, to the heart of Cappadocia. We stay in a cave hotel.

7th day: Culture Cappadocia
Early in the morning, there is the possibility for a balloon flight which is a "must" for Cappadocia. Next, we visit the Open Air Museum Göreme (Unesco World Heritage) with numerous cave churches, walk through the Monk valley. Lunch, continue to Uchisar Castle, and finally Pasabag with numerous fairy chimneys, the landmark of Cappadocia. Overnight in Goreme in the cave hotel.

8th day: Skitour Mt. Hasan (3,250 m)
A slightly longer drive (1, 5 hrs.) to Helvadere to the mountain Hasan (volcano). The ascent follows in a semicircle to the summit. Departure on the same way down to the car. Drive back to Goreme, overnight.

9th day: Skitour Mt. Erciyes (3,936 m)
One hour drive to the ski center to Kayseri. To simplify the climbs, it is possible to use the lifts of the ski center up to 2,500 m (from here to the summit about 4, 5 hours). Otherwise, the climb takes about 5-6 hours. The mountain is climbed from the north, the downhill is also from the north, the last part of the descent is via the ski slope, drive back to Goreme to the hotel.

10th day: Transfer to the airport, flight home
From Goreme we drive 1 hour to the airport, home flight.


The first days are spent in a guesthouse with a family in the village of Cukurbag, the remaining days are spent in the heart of Cappadocia in Goreme in a traditional cave hotel.


4 guided ski tours from the village of Cukurbag in the Aladaglar Mountains up to a height of 3,700 m with steep grades of 30 ° - 40 °. Finally, the two volcanoes Mt. Hasan and Mt. Erciyes are climbed.


Up to 8 people a ski guide with German or English language skills. From the 8th person in each case another ski guide. 


Currently no restrictions and no specific permit required (as of 2018).


Bring your own gear


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1 week before the travel date.


  • On request flights from all major European airports via Istanbul to Adana and back from Kayseri

  • All necessary land transport

  • Guesthouse in Cukurbag based on half board, cave hotel in Cappadocia based on half board

  • Ski guide of our company

  • Cultural guide in Cappadocia during the sightseeings

  • German or English speaking tour guide throughout the trip

  • Detailed equipment list

Important notice: Programme could be changed due to weather conditions!


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