The Lycian Ways length from Fethiye to Antalya is 509 km. Alexander the Great used the path for his conquests. So you are walking on historic ground. With this program, You can choose whether you want to hike in the footsteps of the Lycians for a week or two.

Enjoy the natural landscape along the long-distance hiking trail, characterized by the rock towers of the Taurus Mountains, dense forests, beautiful bays, and excavations from antiquity. You hike through idyllic mountain villages and enjoy the good, fresh air here at an altitude of approx. 800-1000 m. On wonderful coastal walks, you will reach the turtle breeding grounds in the sandy Patara Bay. Cultural highlights of this trip include visits to the ancient ruins of Phellos, Patara, the birthplace of St. Nicholas, and the famous rock tombs of Myra. At the end of the trip, you can enjoy the turquoise sea in the Cavus Bay in Adrasan or take hikes and excursions from there into the wonderful surroundings.



1st day: Welcome
Flight to Antalya or Dalaman. Transfer to Fethiye to the hotel, transfer time 45 minutes.

2nd day: Ovacik - Faralya
After breakfast, you have a short transfer to the starting point of the Lycian Way. On the first hike, you have a wonderful view of the 2,000 m high Babadag and the lovely beach of Oludeniz. You will pass two quaint villages before ending the hike above the Butterfly Valley. Overnight in a family pension.

3rd day: Faralya - Alinca
Your hike begins today from the pension, first through the village of Faralya, then with wonderful views of the sea over the Kabak. Now you have the choice: either you first descend to the beach for a refreshing swim break and hike from the beach up to Alinca or you hike without a swim around the valley to the village of Alinca. Overnight in a family pension in the village of Alinca.

4th day: Alinca - Bel
Directly from your pension, you follow a steep path towards Sancakli Bay and further into the village of Gey. Your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views. After a rest, the panoramic hike continues to the village of Bel, the end of today's hiking stage. You will spend the night in Patara.

5th day: Bel - Karadere
We first drive you to Bel, where you finished your hike the day before. From Bel, you first walk on an unpaved gravel road, then through fields and forest to a steep descent, down to the plain you can enjoy the view of the sea. Then you climb up to a pass, from where you can enjoy a view of the 12 km long Patara beach. At the end of the hike, you have the opportunity to swim on the beautiful beach with very fine sand. You will spend the night in Patara.

6th day: Akbel - Patara
Today you hike in historical traces! After a short drive, you will reach the village of Akbel. You walk about half the way on a historical aqueduct to the Delikkemer. There you can see how the Lycians led the water from one hill to another two millennia ago. The hike continues through olive plantations to the ancient of Patara, where St. Nicholas once lived for a long time. Overnight in Patara.

7th day: Akbel - Cavdir
A short transfer takes you to the starting point of the hike to the village of Akbel. Today's hike takes you inland, you pass several small rustic villages. Shortly before the village of Cayköy, you come to a stream at the beginning of the aqueduct of the Lycian capital, Xanthos, which still serves as the water channel of Cayköy. After the village, you come to the aqueduct, which partly leads over ancient bridges. The hike ends in Cavdir where you will be picked up and after a few kilometers, you reach Xanthos. Here you have the opportunity to visit the ancient city. Then a short transfer back to Patara.

8th day: Rückreise oder Verlängerung

After breakfast transfer to Dalaman airport and return flight (if you have booked the week-long variant).


8th day: Gökceören - Cukurbag

The transfer to Gökceören takes about 45 minutes. You start the hike at the edge of the village of Gökceören along a stream bed. The path then winds its way onto a small mountain pasture from which you can enjoy an impressive view of the high Taurus Mountains. Arrived on a pass, you will visit the ruins of the ancient city of Phellos, hidden deep in the forest, once a cult city of the Lycians. The hike ends after descent to the village of Cukurbag. A short transfer takes you to the small coastal town of Kas. Overnight in Kas.

9th day: Karabelen - Bogazcik

A short transfer takes you to Bayindir to the starting point of today's section. First, you hike into a small bay, then over a hill, constantly with a view to the sea. In some parts of this bay, you can enjoy a refreshing swim. The path continues along the coast to the next bay. Then an ascent past rock sarcophagi to the small village of Bogazcik begins. From here you will have a short transfer to Ücagiz, where you will spend the night in the pension.

10th day: Bogazcik - Apollonia - Ücagiz

Transfer (30 min.) To Sahilkilincli. The hike starts above the village. Before today's hike, a detour to the ancient city of Apollonia is worthwhile. Then a path leads down to the narrowest part of the Sicak peninsula (possible to have a swim here). You walk through the ruins of the ancient city of Aparleia, crossing the neck of the peninsula. Then the path leads you along the rocky coast to Ücagiz to your accommodation.

11th day: Ücagiz - Cayagzi

Today's hike starts right at the guesthouse. The way leads first as a short detour to the ancient castle Simena, which is worthwhile because of the wonderful view. Then hike through the small village of Alan to Kapakli Bay, where a swim in the sea beckons. The hike continues to Cayagzi, once the port of the old Lycians. It is worth visiting the ancient city of Andriake here. Then visit the rock tombs of Myra before continuing to Karaöz. Overnight in Karaöz in accommodation closed to the beach.

12th day: Karaöz - Gelidonia - Adrasan

The hardcore hikers can start today's hiking tour directly in Karaöz. Otherwise 20 min. Transfer to the starting point of the hike. An ascent leads you to the Gelidonia lighthouse. It usually continues along the coast with unique views to Adrasan. This is one of the most popular hikes of the Lycian Way. Overnight in Adrasan at the hotel.

13th day: Adrasan - Cirali

Today's hike begins on the Adrasan plain. Through strawberry and laurel forest you climb up to the Musa mountain and enjoy the view at a summit rest. The descent leads through dense laurel forest down to the ruins of one of the important cities of the Lycians. After visiting the sights of this ancient city, a beach hike begins. The hike ends in Cirali at your accommodation.

14th day: Ulupinar - Cirali

A short transfer takes you to Ulupinar. A leisurely hike awaits you today. The tour starts with a trout farm. From here you descend to a stream that you have to cross. Often you have to take off your shoes and wade through the refreshing water. After a short climb to a pass, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the wide bay of Cirali. Then it goes down to the Eternal Fire of the Chimera. A comfortable descent takes you back to your accommodation right on the beach.

15th day: Flight home

After breakfast transfer to Antalya airport and flight back home.


  • 7 or 14 nights in rooms with shower/WC in small accommodations based on half board

  • 6 or 14 times picnic (day 2-7 or 2-14)

  • all transfers due to program

  • detailed roadbook or GPS data

  • hiking map


Every day in the periods below
Mid of March till the beginning of June
Beginning of September till mid of November


Additional nights possible


Starting point: Fethiye

Finish point: Cirali

Arrival: Flight to Dalaman, back from Antalya


Well marked walking paths, often on stony or rocky ground. Daily walking hours between 4 1/2 and 6 hrs. 


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