We do not know exactly when this rough area with peaks up to 3000m was really inhabited. Lycians appear in the Iliad under the leadership of their heroes Sarpedon and Glaukos as allies of the Trojans. Lycia is usually difficult terrain, which is why many powers have already unsuccessful with their conquests. The Lycians were people with their own culture, writing, and language. The tendency to build representative tombs that are omnipresent is remarkable. Over 3000 rock sarcophagi can still be seen above ground today in all Lycia. On our tour in the most beautiful areas of Lycia, we will see many highlights of Lycia and our expert guide will explain every detail about Lycia and Lycian culture to us. Since the mysterious city-state, Termessos borders Lycia, this city is also intensively included in the tour itinerary.



1st day: Arrival in Antalya

Flight to Antalya, transfer to the hotel in the old town of Antalya, overnight.


2nd day: „Machu Pichu“ of Turkey: Termessos

Termessos is enthroned at 1000 m altitude, nobody could conquer it for centuries, Alexander the Great, the Persians, the Romans ... We make an extensive tour and take a look at the entire city. (3.5km ascent: 300m) Then we drive to Antalya and visit the Archaeological Museum Antalya after our lunch break, exhibits from more than 10 sections from the Stone Age to the Ottoman period are on display. With a walk through the old town, we get back to our hotel in the old town. Overnight in Antalya


3rd day: Phaselis, Chimära and Olympos

Today we go enter Lycia. After a drive of 1 hour, we get off in a bay and hike to Phaselis with beautiful views of the sea. (6.5 km ascent: 150m)
We visit the city where Alexander the Great once staying over Winter. We treat ourselves to a leisurely lunch in one of the trout breeding restaurants in Ulupınar. After a short drive, we are in Chimara and learn the story of the fire-breathing monster of Lycia and admire the flames of Yanartaş (“Burning Stones”), which has been blazing for thousands of years. (2 km, ascent: 160m) It is only a few km to our hotel, which is located directly on the beach. Overnight in Çıralı.


4th day: Further to Olympos

After breakfast we have a short drive. We hike on paths and forest roads to Olympos. The city has a picturesque location on a stream near the beach. After visiting the city, we take a break on a beach coffee on our way back to the hotel. (14 km, ascend: 300m) Overnight in Çıralı.


5th day: The Inland sea of Kekova

Today we have more to drive than on the previous days but it won't get boring. The panorama of the coastal road will enchant us. On the way, we make a stop in Demre and visit the church where St. Nicholaus was a bishop and the ancient city of Myra, known with a rock facade perforated with Lycian rock tombs. After a short drive, we are in the quaint village of Üçağız. (Drive: 130 km, 2,5 hours) Overnight in Üçağız


6th day: The village without a road, Simena, and the sunken city

After a short transfer, we hike down to the ancient city of Istlada and from there to the sea. Goats and turtles line our path. The small castle of Simena can be seen soon. We climb the ancient steps and are rewarded with a magnificent view. (7 km, ascent: 100 m) After visiting the ancient castle, we go down to the harbor and board our boat with which we take a  tour of the island of Kekova and take a look at the sunken city. During the trip, fish and meatballs are grilled for us, we eat comfortably on our boat. We also have time for a swim break at one of the bays in Kekova. Overnight in Üçağız


7th day: The ancient cities of Pinara and Xanthos

After our breakfast with a sea view, we drive about 1 hour to the small harbor town of Kas, which in ancient times was called Antiphellos. The drive along the coastal road to Kalkan and Patara is spectacular. We first drive to the ancient city of Pinara, which was founded by the nobles of the city of Xanthos. The tour of this city is connected with a short hike. The hike then continues to the nearest village. After the hike, we continue to the capital of Lycia, Xanthos. If there is still time, we will take a short trip to an architectural highlight, namely the Patara aqueduct.. (8 km, Anstieg: 150 m) Übernachtung in Patara

8th day: Patara and Letoon - Birthplaces of St. Nikolaus and the god Apollo

We visit the ancient city of Patara, which was the place of an Apollo oracle that competed with the oracles Delphi or Didyma. The discovery of the Patara lighthouse was sensational in 2004. After our tour of Patara, we continue to the ancient city of Letoon, which got its name from the mother of Artemis. Overnight in Patara.


9th day: Ghost city Kayaköy

After a drive of 1.5 hours, we are in Kayaköy, a village that was populated by Anatolian Greeks until 1922. During the population exchange, the Greeks had to move from Kayaköy to Greece and the village was abandoned. We take a tour of the village and hike down to Ölüdeniz with a beautiful view of the sea. (5,5 km, 160 m ascend) The afternoon is at leisure. Overnight in Ölüdeniz.


10th day: Journey home

Transfer to the airport of Dalaman and flight home.


  • Flight to Antalya and back home from Dalaman

  • All transfers and transports with modern air-conditioned buses

  • All overnight stays in the best hotels in the locations we stay

  • During hotel nights with half board

  • Expert tour guide of our company


  • Additional meals and beverages

  • Tips

  • Personal health isurance 


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The minimum number of this tour is 6 people, the maximum number is limited with 14 people.


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