Difficulty grades of our tours

Is this trip suitable for me? This is one of the first questions that arise when you want to book a trip.


On this page we would like to give you a closer understanding of the difficulty levels so that you can choose the right trip. The information on this trip came about through our many years of experience and are average figures. The determination of the difficulty levels refers to the following criteria:


  • Length of the hiking route

  • The altitude to be managed

  • The hiking terrain

  • The height at which the hikes take place

  • Technical requirements for mountain climbing

Grade 1:

Easy walks with a maximum of 3-4 hours duration. The height meters to be absolved are a maximum of 400 m. Mostly good terrain, solid ground, often forest roads, wide, steep paths, no head for heights required. Walks for any hiker!

Grade 1-2: This boot category is generally the same as boot category On these hiking tours, however, on certain days (max 2 days), hiking of grade 2 is included. However, these hiking tours can be left out on these hiking tours up to you.

Grade 2:

Moderate walks with a maximum of 4-6 hours duration. The altitude of these hikes varies between 400 and 800 meters in altitude. Partly rocky, sometimes screeching paths. Surefootedness is required at times. An average body condition is required or sufficient.

Grade 2-3:

Here is the same rule as in 1-2, just one level higher. The hikes are usually in the boot category 2. In some of these tours there are also a few hikes that belong to the boot category 3 (for week trips a maximum of 2 hikes).

Grade 3:

The hikes in this category vary between 6 and 9 hours. Altitude up to more than 1,000 m should be mastered by you. The climbs can be long, scree, steep and trailless. Being free of vertigo is required. These tours includes hikes to heights over 3,000 m. Who books such a tour should be experienced and conditionally strong!

Grade 3-4:

With this category we are already in the field of mountain tours. The duration of these hikes can sometimes take up to 10 hours. On certain days altitudes of more than 1,500 m have to be managed. The summits of these tours can be up to more than 4,000 meters. This boot category is often in demand for hard ski tours.

Grade 4:

Duration of hikes of this boot category can go up to more than 10 hours. Use of crampons, ropes and ice ax experience are necessary. These tours can go to over 5,000 meters. Tours in this style are often still logistically secured.

Expedition grade:

The other mountain world! These tours go up to over 7,000 m. The upper limit of these tours goes up to 2,000 m altitude difference during the day. The summit sections of these tours can last up to 16 hours or more. For technical requirements, please refer to the details of boot category 4.

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