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Andrea P., October 2020 - Private tour hiking in the Taurus Mountains

After a few trips that were unfortunately not possible, I wanted to treat myself to vacation in October 2020 despite Corona and therefore booked a private trip with Caria Pan. It turned out to be absolutely the right decision and I can only recommend this type of travel! We felt safe and in good hands everywhere. After everything was perfectly organized and we were well looked after by our private chauffeur / guide / interpreter (Many thanks to Yüksel Yilmaz !!!), the weather and the beautiful landscape while hiking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, as well as the hospitality and Enjoy the good food in the quiet accommodations without hesitation. The subsequent bathing stay in Adrasan and the end of the trip in Antalya were also part of the idyllic overall picture. Even the annoying Covid-19 test before the return trip was installed appropriately and went smoothly and quickly thanks to the accompaniment and support (including paperwork). My conclusion: an inexpensive vacation away from the madness of the world - an experience that we would like to repeat in 2021 ...

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Gaby S. & Karl N., October 2019 - Cirali centre based hiking tour

Hello dear Yüksel, we would like to thank you most sincerely for the tailor-made tour in November 2019.We went on 6 days of wonderful hikes on site, lived in Cirali and were well looked after, the pick-up at the airport, all GPS data and Yüksel has the Took time to explain everything to us well. It was a wonderful day, everything was perfectly organized in our guesthouse. We can recommend this travel agency at any time and also the loving care in our guesthouse in Cirali. Even in November we still had nice weather and everything went fine, even swimming with the best temperatures was possible. Thank you very much.

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Elle S., September 2019 - Lycian Way Individually

Hello Caria Pan - Team, first of all we want to thank you for the great hiking stages. We were more than thrilled with the five days of hiking. Despite the high temperatures, we arrived sweaty and satisfied in our different accommodations every afternoon. The organization worked perfectly, all transfers were more than punctual. We will definitely recommend your travel agency here.

We are already toying with the Carian way and will then come back to you.

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Christiane and Thomas - May 2019 - Carian Trail Individually

We went on a self-guided tour on the Carian Way on the Aegean Sea and had a perfect combination of activity and relaxation. The hikes were very beautiful and varied and also challenged us. But always in such a way that it was a pleasure hike. The organization with the transfers to the entrances and the pick-up went really well and were completely adapted to our time requirements. In the background, too, contact with Caria Pan was always possible, but because everything went well and was well organized or could be discussed on site, we only sent greetings. With the detailed directions and the support from GPS, we always have the way Found (again) and enjoyed their diversity and variety very much. Scenic landscape with many views and some swimming opportunities. The accommodations were central and quiet in the two places, were familiar and cozy and we were welcomed in a friendly manner. We have taken a day of rest at each location to relax and explore the area. We liked that too and rounded off our hiking holiday. For us it is nice to run at our own pace, to be flexible and to be able to enjoy the beautiful area in peace. If everything works out without much effort and beautiful tours and pleasant accommodations have been selected, then this is a perfect vacation for us. And when the weather was on our side, it was like that!

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Hannelore and Elmar - April / May 2019 - Lycian Way Eastern part

Since we went the GR 20 North in 2017 and the GR20 South in Corsica in 2018, the expectations for the Lycian Way in 2019 were already very high. Conclusion: It was absolutely worth it. The GR 20 is much more alpine (and therefore more strenuous), but the Lycian Way brings more encounters with ancient Roman-Greek culture. We walked selected daily stages of the eastern part "self-guided", supported by maps, descriptions and GPS data that CARIA PAN made available to us. Orientation was almost always problem-free. All agreed meeting points and appointments were kept on time. Our paths led us through wonderfully blooming landscapes with spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, deep blue sea and to very friendly hosts in the hotels and guest houses. We are already planning to hike the western part of the Lycian Way between Fethye and Kas in a similar way in 2020, again with the logistical support of CARIA PAN. Special thanks go to Yüksel Yilmaz and Cihangir Kocer

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Dorothea and Carsten - April / May 2019 - The most beautiful trek on the Mediterranean

For us one of the most beautiful vacations that we could experience! Wonderful, albeit challenging, tours on often varied paths that have stimulated and claimed all the senses! A holiday that brought us closer to the cultural diversity of this country thanks to entertaining stories from our guide Gürcan about "dead stones" in such a charming and uncomplicated way. Really beautiful, impressive encounters with hospitable people, in whose accommodations we were allowed to enjoy good and rich national skewers. Gürcan and Yüksel looked after us so attentively and lovingly and looked after us all around that even after almost two weeks of everyday life, so many wonderful memories, gratitude and the feeling of lasting relaxation do not want to give way. Thank you very much Gürcan and Yüksel for this spacious time, which you made so pleasant for us! We look forward to the Lycian Way West!

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Saskia and Johannes - April / May 2019 - Lycian Way East and West

Johannes and I would like to thank you very much for the great organization of our trip. We are still completely overwhelmed by the great impressions and the friendliness of the people. All transfers worked reliably. (As soon as we were in Germany, nothing worked anymore!). We always got the best rooms in the hotels and other accommodations. Your name opened all doors and gates. The hikes were very well chosen except for one (which was not in our program ... we would have preferred the one to Ügazic via Aperlai just because of the sunken city). We're even considering repeating a few of them.

 e were very impressed with how quickly you implemented our change request. That was awesome, especially since we would have had pretty bad weather in the mountains. So we still walked enough in Cirali and could see Olympos longer and enjoy the sea.

It was also a good idea not to go to Antalya, because we can enjoy the big city in Brussels.


Great, Yüksel !!! Really great!

We will also come back to you about Georgia ...


We can only say: FANTASTIC!

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Yasemin and Steffen - October 2018 - The Lycian Way in the west

We booked the self-guided variant of the Lycian High Trail in the west with Yüksel. A few years ago we hiked the part from Antalya to Adrasan on our own (booked with another organization) and were so enthusiastic about the landscape and the people that we were glad that this long-distance hiking trail covers a total of 500 km. The section in the west also inspired us again. Only a hike around Patara was not that exciting and a bit tedious because the markings were barely visible and we could not quite follow the description. We had to skip the visit to Xanthos because we were simply too tired after the hike, which was long and strenuous. We all liked the accommodations. Modest, but you don't need more. When hiking you reduce yourself and you need less than usual. We were warmly welcomed and looked after everywhere and enjoyed the Turkish hospitality to the fullest. Everything went really well, pick up at the airport, transport of the luggage, drive to the starting point of the hike and pick it up. Thank you for this great offer, Yüksel and for organizing, and a very big thank you to Kasim. It was fun. Happy to be back soon.

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Ulrike R. - May 2018, Lycian Way - In the footsteps of Alexander the Great

I have a problem, there is nothing to criticize. The Lycian Way offers breathtaking scenery. The accommodations were excellently selected - no concrete castles, privately run guest houses and fantastically located. The food was also very good and plentiful. On the way you took a break from farmers and drank a wonderful pomegranate juice. The price / performance ratio was good. Our hiking guide Yüksel was really great. Until late at night, he brought us closer to his wonderful country with some grappa or raki. He was always there for us, soles coming off were no problem for him either. It's great that there are still people in Turkey who don't conform to the system. The package tourists come back, but the others don't. As a result, travel organizations like Caria Pan suffer and can barely survive. Therefore, trust yourself and support just those organizations that form an opposite pole !!!. The trip was unforgettable for me and I'm looking forward to the Carian way in the near future.

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Godelind P. - May 2018, Lycian Way - In the footsteps of Alexander the Great
The tour cannot be topped. We were all intoxicated in every sense. Physically, mentally, transcendentally. To say it in advance: The Lycian Way is not a walk (except for Yüksel, perhaps, see profile), nor a leisurely pilgrimage on the well-trodden paths, but a stony, palpable path that requires full concentration and surefootedness if you are reasonably step want to hold. More for light-footed gazelles than for sluggish snails or turtles (although these are often found on the way in nature). In general, the nature is breathtaking, the coastal path is overgrown by wild (unfortunately also prickly) macchia, interrupted by yellow ginger, pink oleander, thyme, laurel and oregano. The turquoise-blue Mediterranean always lures in supposed proximity, on some stages we were also able to jump into small hipster bays only known to insiders! (Thank you, Yüksel! A.) for the cool bays, B.) for cooling down, it was sometimes really quite hot.) With every new day tour it became clearer why this piece of earth was so popular! So Yüksel repeatedly showed us the numerous traces of ancient cultures that were forgotten in the undergrowth along the way, not only from the Lycians, but also from the Greeks and Romans. Thank goodness, our clever guide had a story to tell about every aqueduct, every amphitheater, every cistern and even about the countless sarcophagi (all of which had already been plundered) he could still think of something. All respect, what Yüksel knew so everything (and often still hung on the cell phone to advise other customers, like stray individual hikers who have lost their track. Chapeau for multitasking!). Even in the evening he usually liked to join us and thus proved his ability to drink. We really had a pleasant group atmosphere! (Most of us didn’t know each other before and, despite the hardships!, We increasingly became a sworn following. How our charming boy managed to do this remains a mystery. Well, he’s been doing it for 20 years. a professional, so to speak.) In short: the tour was a "great" success for all of us (at some point it was everyone's favorite word)! Coming down from this flow (yes, yes, for some of us, including the author of these lines, it was really extreme sport!) Is difficult. Despite all the political weather conditions, dear Yüksel, we are hooked and would love to come back! Thank you! You, the way, everything was GREAT!

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Evelyne L. - May 2018, Lycian Way - In the footsteps of Alexander the Great

A hymn to the "Lycian hiking trail" and its knowledgeable, unsurpassed travel guide Yüksel! Usually you only feel the quality of a trip in retrospect, when the intoxication of the foreign, the southern magic, the ancient sites and legends in everyday life has sobered up again. But I have to say: SOMETHING precious has grown there, which still carries and envelops me in terms of mood and from which I have the impression: nothing in the world can take THIS experience away from you. Thank you sounds a little harmless for the scenic, content-related and human abundance of these days. Let's continue the hike!

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Christian H. - May 2018 - Lycian Way - In the footsteps of Alexander the Great

The tour was well planned, the support couldn't be topped, and even after the hike while sitting together with (lots of) beer and raki in the evening, the atmosphere was outstanding. Our guide Yüksel gave us deep insights into Turkey with its natural beauties, but also with its culture, and the current difficult political circumstances, which one certainly does not learn from the newspaper and from afar. I would book these and other tours offered by the company again at any time, and I hope to get the opportunity to do so in the fall. Both thumps up!

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Hartmut G.   - May 2018 - Lycian Way - In the footsteps of Alexander the Great
Great tour, alpine feeling with spectacular views of the sea; a lot of ancient culture (amphitheater, sarcophagi, rock tombs, etc.), regular bathing opportunities (bathing shoes!), boat trips to the neighborhood and varied delicious meals in small restaurants.

I am glad I took part in this great tour. It is no coincidence that the Lycian Way is one of the most spectacular long-distance hiking trails in the world! With sometimes over 30 ° C, the two boots of most stages seemed to me to be slightly underrated. A lot of culture, magnificent views, frequent bathing opportunities and an exposed stop at the end of the stages rounded off the tour. Many thanks to our hiking guide Yüksel for the great preparation and implementation. Finally, I was also surprised by the megacity of Antalya with its old town, which is well worth seeing. I was only expecting large castles by the sea.

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