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Walk with us! Experience the picturesque landscapes of Turkey with us. Walk on paths where once upon a time Alexander the Great rode proudly. Follow the paths of St. Paul, whom he wandered during his missionary journey (in winter also snowshoeing offers). Or climb with us the highest mountain of the country, the holy mountain Ararat, where, according to the Old Testament, the ark of Noah came to rest. We offer you a very rich program!

Choose a travel category and go directly to the corresponding trips. Currently, we offer a rich selection with 30 travel programs in 6 categories!

Why travel to Turkey?

  • Paradise for hikers with a unique landscape and a very lush botany!

  • Several thousands of kilometers of waymarked trails!

  • Turkey is the largest open-air museum in the world!

  • A very good infrastructure with cozy, hiker-friendly accommodations!

  • In the coastal areas up to 300 days of sun a year!

Why Caria Pan Travel?

  • Experience since 1998!

  • An experienced, friendly team that knows what hikers want!

  • Very good price performance ratio!

  • No shop visits during the tour where you are "ripped off"!

  • Creative, always looking for something new!

  • Sustainability - While we earn, we earn others by earning!

A short film about the Lycian Way, according to the Sunday Times one of the most beautiful 10 long distance hikes in the world

Hiking tours in groups

  • The western part of the Lycian Way along coastal landscape and the ancien cities of the Lycian

  • Komfort - trek with luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation

  • 10 moderate walks with English-speaking guide of our company

  • 2 days cruise with traditional Turkish Gulet ship

  • The most beautifel sections of the Lycian Way on ancient trails

  • Komfort - trek with luggage transportation from accommodation to accommodation

  • The ancient cities Patara, Xanthos, Myra and Olympos

  • 11 moderate walks along the Lycian Way with English-speaking guide of our company

  • 8 days centre based hiking tour with accommodation Hotel Palmira in the quite bay of Adrasan

  • Hiking tour with swimming at the end of the day on the sandy / pebble beach of Adrasan

  • 5 moderate hikes from Adrasan with English-speaking hiking guide of our company

  • Picturesque mountain and coastal landscapes of the Lycian Way

  • Beautiful mountain and coastal landscapes along the Lycian Way, the long beach of Cirali

  • Quaint mountain villages, exploring of local culture and the history of Lycia

  • 5 guided tours with English-speaking mountain bike guide of our company

  • Luggage transport, support vehicle, overnight stays in cozy hotels

  • Walking along the most beautiful peninsula of Turkey, Datca and Bozburun on the southern Aegean

  • Carian antiquity, ruined cities, ancient city Knidos, quaint fishing villages

  • Comfortable hiking tour, 8 guided medium hikes with German-speaking hiking guide and a lot of free time

  • 2 days cruise with typical gulet along the cliffs of the Bozburun peninsula

  • 8 days centre based hiking tour with staying in Hotel Dolphin in the picturesque, small coastal town of Bozburun

  • 5 moderate hikes with English-speaking hiking guide of our company

  • Quaint fishing villages, beekeeping, ancient remains of the Carian

  • Turquoise blue sea on the southern Aegean

  • Trekking in the footsteps of the apostle Paul

  • Unique mountain landscapes of the Taurus Mountains, Köprülü National Park

  • Quaint villages hidden in pine forests, at the end 1 day rest in the city of Antalya

  • 9 moderate to difficult hikes with English-speaking hiking guide of our company

  • Kackar Mountains, the Turkish Caucasus with heights up to almost 4,000 m

  • Splendor of colors in the subtropical mountains with lush vegetation, snowy peaks, glacial lakes

  • 6 guided, moderate to difficult hikes at altitudes up to 3,275 m with English speaking guide of our company

  • At the end of 2 days cosmopolitan cits of Istanbul with its most important sights

  • Tuff landscapes in Cappadocia with fairy chimneys

  • Cave churches, green valleys with numerous cave dwellings

  • 6 guided hikes in tuff valleys with English-speaking hiking guide of our company

  • Unesco World Heritage Heritage Open Air Museum

  • The biblical mountain Mt. Ararat 5,137 m

  • Turkey's highest mountain in eastern Anatolia

  • Technically easy to climb, with tent camp and hotel

  • The culture of eastern Anatolia, the Van Lake

  • Unique mountain landscapes in the Pamir Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

  • Ascent with acclimatization program with a mountain guide of our company

  • Technically simple mountain with well-equipped base camp and advanced base camp with good logistics

  • At the end of the mountain expedition free day in Osh

  • Hiking on Paulusweg in snowy landscapes

  • Egirdir Lake is surrounded by high mountains of the Taurus Mountains

  • 5 snow walks with English-speaking hiking guide of our company

  • Cooking lesson and skiing on the day off in Egirdir at the accommodation

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