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Our company, Caria Pan Travel was founded in 2012, but this does not verbalize our experience. The experience of our core team, led by Yüksel Yilmaz, dates back to 1998. Since 1998 we are considered the co-developers of nature tourism in Turkey. Thanks to our experience and our tour guide team, we are now one of the leading companies in nature tourism in Turkey. Numerous tour operators such as Wikinger Reisen in Germany have been cooperating with us since 1998.
We are aware that the "must" of a nature tour is in addition to the good organization good tour leaders / hiking leaders. Therefore, when choosing our leaders, we attach great importance to the following characteristics:

  • Are in first line all licensed guides who can officially accept a responsibility

  • Speak at least one foreign language well.

  • Are at least as well equipped as our guests

  • They know the hiking trails very well and have walked these paths several times already

  • Our hiking guides love hiking with great enthusiasm

  • They are not reckless and do know that adventure does not mean "endangering" our guests

  • They are very familiar and up-to-date with today's technology and know how to make use of it

  • They have leader - characteristics. They may still be so friendly, but in the end, what they think is right

  • They are trained as hiking leaders and regularly participate in workshops

  • You take into account that you are still on vacation

  • They are friendly, attentive, helpful and have a great knowledge of the country and its people

  • They are part of your journey


Our tours:

Our tours, whether on Lycian Way, St. Pauls Trail or anywhere in Turkey are not "copy-paste tours." All our travel programs have been prepared by our company. 


  • Every year, about 40-50 groups travel with us and reach a total of about 800 guests, of which almost half are individual hikers.

  • In a good season staff of about 8-12 people.


Sustainable tourism:

  • Sustainability is an important topic for us, because we work according to the motto "Earn, make others earn". Sustainability starts with choosing our accommodations and working with these people. In the selection, we pay the utmost attention not to favor large commercial or chain hotels. First and foremost are family hotels, which makes working with these people easier and more enjoyable.

  • We try to train our accommodation hosts according to the requirements of our guests. Try to encourage their children to take over the job of their parents to avoid rural exodus.

  • A certain part of the income of our company is turned into social projects.

  • Our staff will not be paid according to the standard of our country, but according to the standard of the country from which our guests come. 

  • Everyone knows that equipment is expensive for specific interests, including outdoor equipment. It would not make much sense for our employees to invest all their money in equipment, so we also help our staff when it's time to buy new equipment

Your Caria Pan Travel - Team...

"Our advantage is our passion for hiking. If you do not like walking, you can not understand the hiker."

Yüksel Yilmaz -
Managing director

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Caria Pan Travel Agency

Güzeloluk Mah. Yuvam Sitesi

1820. Sok. No 18/3 A Blok D 3

TR - 07230 Muratpasa/Antalya

Telefon: +90 242 999 10 23 or
+90 0850 283 08 74

Email: info(at)

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